Super Mom Showcase

Benefit 2019  –  Tiana and Teion  –  Guest Speakers

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As a single mother of two small children, Tiana struggled financially. Lacking a car, her daily routine consisted of spending four hours on the bus getting to and from a job that didn’t even cover her current living expenses. Some days, Tiana had to choose between getting to work on time or getting her kids to daycare on time. When she found out she was pregnant, her situation appeared to be so bleak that she considered abortion.   

However; once connected with our specialists at Women’s Care Connect, Tiana found the financial and emotional support needed to confidently raise her third child. Tiana received specialized care to fit her complex and diverse needs. Thanks to Women’s Care Connect, Tiana now has a better paying job, a new car, and her sons are in a new daycare. Tiana longer gets home at 9pm, giving her the time to enjoy the special moments with her family. 

Baby Teion is here today because, in Tiana’s darkest hour, support was there.  Please prayerfully consider a donation that will help save more women and children, like Tiana and Teion, from the tragedy of abortion.