Brian & Marisa Westbrook
Dear Friend,

Please allow me to tell you a story.

Yesterday evening, I arrived home from the office around 9:30pm to find my five children sleeping, my dinner put away in the refrigerator, and my wife Marisa sitting in bed crocheting some type of blanket for our new baby due in March.

We started to chat, quickly landing on the subject of our end of year Christmas Appeal and how we still have over $109,000 to raise in just 5 days. We brainstormed different ways to tell the Coalition story in a compelling way to raise the final amount. Unfortunately, nothing seemed right. Nothing seemed like a good enough reason for anyone to give up their hard-earned money here at the end of the year.

Then, out of sheer frustration, Marisa shouted, “Don’t they know that these children are being sucked from their mothers' wombs alive?!”

I quickly responded, “Yes, absolutely they know.”

She went on: “Do they really know that these babies are ripped limb from limb, crushed with a set of forceps, sucked out through a tube, and thrown in the trash? ... Do they know that these women are victims who have been lied to and told that their baby is just a clump of cells? ... Do they know my mother was one of those victims, and our family has had to deal with the long-term effects and pain of losing my brother? … Do they know??”

At this point, Marisa dropped her crochet hook, fell back in bed, looked up at me, and asked one last time: “Do they really know?”

This time, I stopped to ponder a little longer. I eventually responded, “Some do, but many have forgotten.”

We spoke for several hours longer, but I couldn’t shake the brutal reality of the evil we are fighting and the critical task before us.

In the midst of all the daily work, I too had forgotten.

During the 12 Days of Coalition Christmas, we shared many positive things that we’re doing. But I never stopped to mourn the deaths of the thousands of children who weren’t able to have a Christmas this year, because they were thrown in the trash, ground up in a garbage disposal, or sold off to the highest bidder for medical research.

To make things even worse, Planned Parenthood opened a so-called “state of the art” abortion factory in Fairview Heights where they plan to kill 11,000 children in the next 12 months alone.

Marisa didn’t know it, but she reminded me why I do what I do every day. She was, and continues to be, the driving force of the Coalition for Life St. Louis and the main reason for our shared successes in saving lives…

… But being reminded wasn’t good enough. We needed to act in alignment with our beliefs; so last night, we resolved to dig deep and give $5,000 towards the Christmas Appeal.

This is no easy task for the growing Westbrook family, but Marisa and I can’t ask you to do something that we’re not willing to do ourselves.

God in His infinite mercy has never let us down when we trusted and gave from our first fruits. I don’t expect He will stop now.

So I guess that’s where I end my story: an evening of intense discussion on the slaughtering of innocent children and what our response must be…

… But I pray it’s just the beginning of yours.

Join us. Donate now. Give your largest one-time or monthly gift today.

Over 155 people have given already towards the Christmas Appeal, getting us to $49,450.55. Thank you!!

Help us finish 2019 strong by donating towards the remaining $104,019.02 before midnight on December 31st.

You have my personal guarantee that every dollar given will go directly to Ending Abortion in the St. Louis region so - one day - our children and grandchildren can live in a community that once again respects all human life.

With a grateful heart,

Brian & Marisa Westbrook
Brian & Marisa Westbrook