Success on the Sidewalk

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In these final days of 2020, we wrap up 9 years of sidewalk counseling in front of the abortion facility. In that time, our sidewalk counselors have provided countless women with resources and lifelines. And they have helped 2,781 women Turn Around outside the abortion facility to find life-affirming alternatives.

Just this Monday, Coalition for Life sidewalk counselors withstood the wind and bitter cold, as they do every winter winter day to reach out to mothers in need. And on Monday, our team helped 4 women turn around in the same day!

But sidewalk counseling and Coalition’s pregnancy resource center Women’s Care Connect need your support to continue their life-saving work. Donate now to help fill the end of year financial gap:

Total remaining: $35,975.78
Donate online , by calling our office at (314) 827-4039, or mailing your gift by Thursday, December 31st to:
Coalition for Life St. Louis
11780 Borman Dr. suite 128
St. Louis, MO 63146
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