• Iresha is in need of Utilities GOAL = $258 Iresha was suffering from a deep depression before COVID-19 entered her life. She is currently pregnant while caring for her 2-year-old daughter. A former victim of domestic violence, she is trying to push through these difficult times by constantly praying for better days to come. She is currently unemployed as child care has been unavailable to her.
  • Tiara is in need of Rent GOAL = $500 Tiara’s daughter usually goes to a babysitter while she works. Last month, the babysitter had to go into quarantine, which caused Tiara to miss several days of work while trying to find a reliable and trustworthy babysitter. Then on March 12th, Tiara was laid off work until further notice. In this difficult time, her little family is in need of help with their rent payment.
  • Sheabrielle is in need of Rent GOAL = $500 Sheabrielle and her family have been greatly affected by COVID-19. She is unable to provide for her children and unable to pay rent. She sold her TV to pay rent as the financial impact of COVID-19 has put her behind on rent payments. She doesn't know what she is supposed to do with three children (ages 10 years, 8 years, and 5 months). Her baby is running out of milk and she really needs help. She hopes that everyone reading this is safe and stays inside.
  • Muslima is in need of Rent GOAL = $400 Muslima has six kids at home with her, and COVID-19 has affected everything for her and her family. She is praying that God protects us all during this time.  
  • Jada is in need of Rent GOAL = $500 COVID-19 has made a horrible impact on Jada’s family. Many of them are out of work, including her mother who is a school teacher. Her younger brother was laid off from his job. Jada is a CNA who was on maternity leave. Less than 2 weeks after she returned to work she was forced to resign as a few of the residents in her care were infected by the virus. She could not risk bringing this virus home to her newborn who is only 11 weeks old. Due to her loss of income, she is in desperate need of money to pay rent.
  • Denise is in need of Rent GOAL = $500 Denise is behind on her bills after being laid off from work a month ago. She had just started her new job when it closed, only 2 days later, due to COVID-19. She is asking for help with her rent as she navigates these difficult times, with her child that is under five years old.
  • Dajah is in need of Rent GOAL = $500 Dajah is pregnant and is currently unable to work. She has applied for jobs she could do from home but has not received any responses. She is due in a few months and doesn't have any income to get things for her baby. This has been extremely stressful as a first-time mother, not knowing if she is going to make ends meet, let alone get her unborn daughter the things she will need.  
  • Brittany N. is in need of Rent GOAL = $500 The COVID-19 crisis has taken a real toll on Brittany and her children. Their daycare is closed at least until the end of April. Without childcare, Brittany hasn't been able to work, which is putting her behind on both rent and her car payment.
  • Brittany is in need of Rent GOAL = $500 Brittany is trying to be the best mom she can for her young son whose birthday is coming up. Sadly, COVID-19 has put her out of work and is hurting her ability to take care of her son and household as a single mother. It is hard to continue sometimes, but with the Lord’s help she pushes through every day.  
  • Trisha is in need of Groceries GOAL = $125 Trisha has three children under the age of 5. Having the children at home while they are out of school has been an adjustment, that has made it difficult to go to work to provide for Trisha's family's basic needs. Groceries would be a big help to their family during this protective order.  
  • Shakeara is in need of Groceries GOAL = $75 Due to COVID-19 Shakeara has lost her job and is unable to provide for her 5-year-old son. Their gas was recently turned off, so to take baths they have to boil water. Shakeara had to reapply for government assistance recently in order to feed herself and her son. Her car is also on the repo list because she recently missed a payment. All of this being caused by COVID-19 has affected Shakeara’s family emotionally and financially.  
  • Anna is in need of Groceries GOAL = $75 Anna was told by her employer in Illinois that anyone who has health problems should not come to work in order to avoid contracting the virus. With that being said, she made no money in the month of March to pay bills or get food. She is worried about not having food to feed her son. In her kitchen she only has some cereal, a pizza, and a pound of hamburger meat. She also has a utility bill with no way to pay it.  
  • Christopher is in need of a Mortgage Payment GOAL = $500 Christopher has been a music minister for The Washington Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church for the last 6 years, and his family’s principal source of income and financial sustenance. Sadly, on March 20th the church had to lay everyone off, because COVID-19 hurt them to where they couldn’t make payroll. Christopher has two children under the age of 5 and his wife to provide for and would be very grateful to receive help with their rent.
  • Amanda is in need of a Car Payment GOAL = $315 Amanda is the single mom of two young children with a third on the way. When the schools closed because of COVID-19, Amanda had to enroll her 8-year-old year son into daycare with his younger brother full time. Now with COVID-19 continuing to spread their daycare has shortened their hours and are anticipating closing altogether for a time. Due to this Amanda can only work when she can find care for her children and can’t work her normal 40+ hours a week. Because of not being able to work as many hours, Amanda is afraid she will not be able to make her car payment on the vehicle she uses to get to and from work every day. Helping Amanda would allow her to continue supporting her family during this frightening time.