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“Planned Parenthood in their recent annual report said that they had a record breaking year of 354,000 children who they murdered…I’m not okay with that. I wasn’t okay with that back in 2009 when we started 40 Days for Life and I’m not okay with it now.”
–Brian Westbrook, Coalition for Life Executive Director

There is no waiting – abortions are happening right now, and 354,000 is too many innocent lives lost.  Join us in our 40 Days for Life campaign as we pray, fast, and vigil outside both Planned Parenthood facilities in Fairview Heights and St Louis.

The 40 Days for Life campaign is happening now. Your action is needed today. Your prayers are needed always.

Schedule specific prayer shifts by calling (314) 827-4039, or sign up online:
Fairview Heights Online Calendar
St. Louis Online Calendar

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