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Kelly Kohring and her husband have worked hard to raise their children with a firm foundation focused on God and service to others. After watching the movie Unplanned, their teenage daughter Bella was adamant that she wanted to do something more to make a difference. Soon the 16 year old and her mother became an incredible sidewalk counseling team, saving lives outside their local abortion facility. On this week’s Living Pro-Life, follow their journey into promoting life from the place where it matters most: at home.

Standing firm on a foundation built by her family, Bella helps women in need and fights for the lives of the unborn three times a week, right at the gates that separate life and death. Learn how this family built a faith-based foundation to not only help their children stand firm in a world that rejects truth, but to save lives and change that world into something better.

To support Kelly, Bella, and all of our sidewalk counselors with your prayers, click here to learn about 40 Days for Life!