Is abortion really over in Missouri?

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Recently, Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue wrote an article announcing:
“Missouri has become the first Abortion-Free State — at least in practice for now.”

Is that right? What does that mean? I wanted to answer your questions and let you know what Coalition for Life St. Louis is doing with this news.

Unfortunately, the Pro-Life community cannot claim a full victory at this time. Planned Parenthood’s St. Louis abortion facility is still licensed, still open, and still putting area mothers and their children at risk.

While reports indicate they have not been performing abortions in the last couple months, it is still completely legal for them to do so.

There is still an abortion facility in Missouri that could resume taking lives any day. Until we can say that abortion is not endangering the lives of our children and neighbors, we cannot stop our hard work. It would be more unthinkable than celebrating a touchdown while still on the one yard line.

I thank God that we are closer now to ENDING abortion in our region than we have ever been before. So I ask you now to join Coalition for Life St. Louis in our efforts. Every mother deserves access to life-affirming resources and support. Every child deserves a chance to live.

Help save lives today with us through:

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Thank you for the prayers and support that have brought Missouri to the brink of ENDING abortion.


Brian Westbrook
Executive Director
(314) 827-4039

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