Dear friends,

As we finish the 40 Days for Life campaign we turn our attention to those in our community who have been deeply impacted by the ripple effects of this pandemic. Many in our area are now unemployed or under-employed and struggling to make ends meet. Furthermore, many of the schools, daycares, programs, and resources that may normally be there to assist these families are now limited or closed.

Quite frankly we have an obligation to act swiftly and reach out to our neighbors in need.

That’s why I’m eager to announce the brand new Community Response Fund, a special way to help pregnant mothers and families who have been deeply affected by this crisis.

While our main focus will continue to be working with abortion-minded women, this program goes even further to help any pregnant woman or family with children 5-year-old or younger.

Fund a Need

List a Need

This is where I need your help…

With a few clicks, you can select a specific need and family to help…

You can help Tiara and her daughter (below) – unable to pay rent because of crisis layoffs – or another family facing urgent needs.

Each one of these families has met strict guidelines and demonstrated real need. The funds you provide will go directly to meet their listed crisis situations and provide immediate relief.
Meet the Families and Their Needs

Right now there are is nearly $6,000 in verified emergency requests to be funded. Thank you for helping us creatively serve those most at risk during this important moment in our nation’s history.

If you are in need or know someone who could use a little help during this crisis encourage them to apply at GetCommunity.Fund.

May God bless you and your family,

Brian Westbrook & Bernadette

Executive Director
Coalition for Life St. Louis

P.S. Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes sent on behalf of my wife Marisa and daughter Bernadette. They are both beautiful and doing well.

Fund a Need

List a Need
How to Help
  1. Directly aid families in need through the Community Response Fund online or by calling our office at (314) 827-4039.
  2. Share Share Share through social media, phone, and email so that anyone who is looking for a way to help can make a difference too.
  3. Donate to Coalition For Life St. Louis so that we are able to continue operating life-saving programs such as the Community Response Fund, Women’s Care Connect, 40 Days for Life, and more.
  4. Pray Pray Pray: for the families who will go without and desperately need help right now. Pray too for our team as we strive to serve at-risk mothers and save lives in a way that still keeps everyone safe during this pandemic.