The women we serve span many ages and situations, but all face difficult circumstances, especially during winter. There are 3 ways you can help the families in this year’s Giving Tree:

Amazon Registry
Walmart Registry
Donate financially – through the link, by phone (314) 827-4039, or via mail 11780 Borman Dr. Suite 128, St. Louis 63146

Our staff works with many women throughout the year, ensuring they have the right resources to meet their needs. This time of year can be especially hard for them as they struggle to provide basic necessities, much less the stressful demands of Christmas.

Our Giving Tree program has doubled in size this year: 51 women need your help. They have made the courageous choice to choose life despite great challenges, and YOU can be their families’ Christmas angel. Your family or company can even “adopt” a mother and family from the Tree. Give us a call (314) 827-4039 today to set it up. Please note that all gifts must be in our office by Friday, December 8th. No time to shop? Donate financially, and we will take care of the shopping.

Who are the mothers registered for our 2017 Giving Tree? Meet them below. If you would like to learn more about our clients, the Giving Tree, or any other aspect of our client services, please call our office (314) 827-4039 or email

1 Mother #1 just gave birth to her third child, a baby boy. She has a son (10) and a daughter (5). This most recent pregnancy came as quite a shock, because she did not think she would ever have any more children. She is blessed with a kind and loving heart, as well as a wonderfully supportive family.
2 Mother #2 is pregnant with her 3rd child. She has two boys (1 and 5), she is hoping for a baby girl this time. She is due in February and is trying her best to stay positive and focus on the blessings of this unplanned and unexpected pregnancy.
3 Mother #3 is expecting her first child and was excited to learn it is a girl! She has suffered miscarriages in the past and won’t be able to calm her fears until she holds her baby in her arms, She is due in late February. Mother #3 struggles with mental illness, but is determined to be the best mother she can be and relies on us for the love, help, and support to get her there.
4 Mother #4 is due with her son on January 8, 2018. This is her first child, and she and the baby’s father are very excited! Although her family and friends support her and are looking forward to the baby, she sometimes feels alone and that her friends do not understand her change in emotions and priorities. She reached out to us for emotional support and looks forward to beginning counseling sessions and group classes with Birthright of St. Louis.
5 Mother #5 is pregnant with her second child and first son. At first, she was sure that abortion was the only option for her; but after seeing the love and support available to her, she decided to keep her baby. She has a daughter (1) at home and – after a while – became ecstatic to learn that she would be adding a boy to the family.
6 Mother #6 is a kind-hearted 18 year-old expecting her first child. Her baby boy is due in February, and while this was an unplanned pregnancy, she is excited to meet her son and is relying heavily on the support of her family and our team.
7 Mother #7 is expecting her 3rd baby; she has a daughter (7) and a son (7 months old). She worked with us though her last pregnancy, and was involved in last year’s Giving Tree (you may know her as Family H). Due to the devastating circumstances of rape, this woman finds herself pregnant again and in need of more love and support than ever as she courageously chooses to give this baby life.
8 Mother #8 is due on April 16, 2018. This is her third child, and she is very thrilled! Her other two children are teenagers, so she is excited to welcome a baby into the home. She recently began a job and is thankful for the second income. After her child is born, she hopes to find a larger apartment. Starting in January, 2018, she will begin classes for a degree in Early Childhood Education. She hopes to one day own a day care center.
9 Mother #9 is a first-time mother who just celebrated the birth of her beautiful baby boy. She is 19 and relying heavily on the love and support she gets from her family, our team, and the counseling professionals at Birthright. Her goals for the future include starting her own child care center with an emphasis in teaching children the performing arts.
10 Mother #10 is pregnant with her third child. She has a daughter (3) and a son (10 months) and is hoping for another girl. She is currently trying to move, as her current apartment has a mice problem and a non-functioning heater.
11 Mother #11 is pregnant with twin boys! She and her daughters (11 and 4) are anxiously awaiting their arrival. This mother has made the difficult and courageous choice to carry her twins even after more than one doctor in her hometown advised her to abort. Through the support of WCC and the wonderful pro-life doctors here in St. Louis, this mother was given the courage and support to chose life for her baby boys. She works hard as a single mother to provide for her four children.
12 Mother #12 is due on February 1, 2018. This is her first child. She and her boyfriend are very excited about the baby and the support they’ve received. She is now working, and her family and friends are very supportive of the pregnancy.
13 Mother #13 just found out she is expecting her first child. She is nervous about motherhood and worried about being able to provide everything her baby will need. She is currently going go school to be a nurse and is working hard to be able to give her baby a stable life.
14 Mother #14 gave birth to her first child, a beautiful boy, on November 9, 2017. He was extrememly healthy, weighing 8lb 7oz. She and the baby’s father are in love with their son! Mother #14 is currently living with her family, but she is looking for a place of her own for her and her son.
15 Mother #15 is pregnant with her second child, who is due on March 13, 2018. She has a son (2) and is excited, but nervous, for another child. She currently is working and saving money to rent/buy a place for herself and her family. She is living with her mother while she continues to save money and look for housing.
16 Mother #16 and her boyfriend are excited about her pregnancy. This is her first child, and she is due on April 7, 2018. The two live together and are preparing the nursery. She has three younger siblings who she spends time with and cares for regularly due to the death of their mother.
17 This is Mother #17’s first child. She is very excited about the due date (June 24, 2018), because it is close to her own birthday, and she looks forward to sharing a party with her child. She and the baby’s father were surprised to find out about the baby, but they are both thrilled now! She has minimal family and friend support in the St. Louis area and has expressed her gratitude for the support of WCC. She is currently looking for a job to provide for her family.
18 Mother #18 gave birth to a baby girl on October 27, 2017. She and her daugther are doing well, and she is in love with her baby girl! This is her first child, and she is excited to be a mother.
19 Mother #19 is due with her child on May 4, 2018. She has three other children, with the oldest 6 years old. She and her husband are excited for the baby; they hope to have a boy! Mother #19 and her children currently live in a shelter and are looking for housing.
20 Mother #2 found out she was pregnant with her suprise first child during a routine doctor visit. She currently lives with her mom and sister and is blessed by their love and support, but she is hoping to find a place of her own before the baby arrives. She is slowing getting used to the idea of being a parent and is excited to meet her little bundle of joy at the end of May.
21 Mother #21 just gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl in October. After suffering the loss of a stillborn daughter two years ago, Mother #21 praises God for a healthy baby and is full of love and happiness. She is working on going back to school to earn a certification with which she can provide for her little family.
22 Mother #22 has a son (3) and just gave birth to another son in mid-October. After losing her home, she has been staying with family and is in search of a place to call her own with her handsome sons.
23 This is Mother #23’s first pregnancy. She is excited, but nervous and afraid. She is struggling with homelessness and is working with WCC to find permanent hosuing for her and her child.
24 Mother #24 is due on November 27, 2017. She is having a baby boy; she and her boyfriend are excited! She is 18 years old and is working hard to provide a loving and supportive environment for her son. She currently lives with her family who has been a great support for her throughout her pregnancy. She also has a part-time job which she enjoys.
25 Mother #25 is pregnant with her first daughter. She has a son (6) and had been hoping for another boy; she is nervous and unsure about raising a baby girl, but is becoming more excited each day. She and her son are currently living in a maternity shelter, but she is working hard to be able to afford a place of her own by time her baby is born.
26 This family was our guest of honor at the 2017 Coaliton for Life Benefit in August. Mother #26 recently gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby girl. Even though this family lives three hours away, we met them when they came to St. louis for an abortion. Having no car, no job, and no stable living environment, she bravely decided to give her baby life and rely on WCC to help her fill in the gaps. She now has a car, job, and place to live, but still leans on us for extra love, support, and encouragement.
27 Mother #27 just gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby boy. She worked with WCC throughout her pregnancy to find a more sustainable job and received emotional support.
28 This is Mother #28’s fourth pregnancy. She is due on June 26, 2018. She is excited and surprised. Her other children range in age from 4 to 12. She has had a difficult pregnancy health-wise, and has been battling dehydration, fatigue, and nausea. She is grateful that her baby continues to grow and has remained healthy throughout the beginning of her difficult pregnancy.
29 Mother #29 is new to the St. Louis area and trying to establish herself in the communty with employment and a home. She is 8 months pregnant with her first child and both excited and nervous for the challenges and blessings that lie ahead.
30 Mother #30 is pregnant with her second child. She has a daughter (2) and is expecting her first son in December. She and her daughter are currently living in a maternity shelter here in St. Louis. Her hope is to save enough money to be able to move into her own stable apartment in 2018.
31 Mother #31 is a young woman who found herself unexpectedly pregnant in the midst of an ongoing battle for her own mental health. She is excited about the life she is bringing into the world and will do whatever it takes to provide her child with the love and care he/she deserves.
32 Mother #32 is a young woman of 15 who was raised in an unstable home environment. She is leaning on WCC and the support of her grandmother to learn to be the best mother she can be and provide for her unborn daughter.
33 Mother #33 is pregnant with her first baby. She is nervous and unsure of how to be a parent. She is considering adoption while also checking out different parenting classes. She knows her baby’s life is gift and is trying to make the best decision for her child.