Dear Friend,

I have some bad news for you and an action alert, but first the good news.

Our staff has just completed an intense 2 year data collection project on the traffic at Planned Parenthood in St. Louis.  The results are remarkable.

In 2015 the average Visitors Per Hour was 11.615 and in 2016 the traffic dropped to 8.69 Visitors per hour.

This is a 25% reduction in Planned Parenthood’s traffic in just one year.
* This is a drop of approximately 5,000 – 7,000 visitors

From January to July 2015 Planned Parenthood of St. Louis was averaging 15 guests per hour, but after the release of the undercover videos by David Daleiden that summer their guest count dropped to 8 then leveled off at about 9 guests per hour.

In a nut-shell the Planned Parenthood in St. Louis is losing credibility and thus losing business.  They’re desperate.

Now for the BAD NEWS:

In Planned Parenthood’s desperation to save the sinking ship they have launch several legal efforts to force their way back.

In December Planed Parenthood filed a lawsuit to drop the Admitting Privileges and Ambulatory Surgical Centers requirements from Missouri Law.  In their lawsuit they stated that proper hand washing stations are unnecessary for this surgery because there is already bacteria in a woman’s body.  Read More Here

It is now in Josh Hawley’s hands; the new attorney general for Missouri.

Planned Parenthood states that if they win they plan to open four (4) more abortion facilities in Missouri; Kansas City, Columbia, Joplin and Springfield.

On the same day, December 2nd 2016, Megan Green and Christine Ingrassia file BB203, an “Ordinance regarding pregnancy and reproductive health decisions as protected classes.”  In other words this bill, if it becomes law, would make opinions a protected class of people.  While in the past these types of protections were reserved for a state of being like Color, Sex, or Disability, now this is being expanded to the opinions or actions of individuals.

Here are just a few examples of what this bill will criminalize.

  • A Catholic hospital refusing to lease medical office space to a doctor who wants to perform abortions.
  • A doctors’ medical group rejecting as an employee, a physician who wants to prescribe abortion pills to his or her patients.
  • A property owner declining to lease office space to the CEO of Planned Parenthood.
  • The Archdiocese of St. Louis or Catholic Charities (at least as applied to their City of St. Louis employees), failing to include in their employees’ health benefit plans, coverage for abortion (at any time for any reason throughout pregnancy), contraception, sterilization or artificial reproduction.
  • A pastor in a pro-life church demoting or reassigning the youth minister because he encouraged and paid for his girlfriend’s abortion, because that is an “adverse employment action” (as defined in the bill) against the employee.
  • A maternity home, pregnancy resource center, Catholic Charities agency, etc., firing a counselor or social worker who referred a client for an abortion.
  • A mom or dad denying parental consent for their minor daughter to get an abortion, because the parent would be “interfer
    [ing] with any person in the exercise or enjoyment of, or on account of his having exercised or enjoyed, rights granted and protected by this ordinance.

Please contact Alderman Joseph D Roddy here or at, and using your own words, express your opposition to BB203, which is in the committee Alderman Roddy chairs.

Read More Here

The same alderwomen Megan Green and Christine Ingrassia plan to file today a buffer-zone ordinance in the City of St. Louis.  As reported by St. Louis Public Radio the buffer zone will be modeled after the Colorado and Massachusetts laws in place.  The goal of these buffer zones are to eliminate free speech in a specific zone on public property.  The effect is that thousands of women will not be able to receive information and support from sidewalk counselors.

We will keep you informed as this story develops.

4. John Ryan Arrest
A long time pro-life sidewalk volunteer John Ryan with Defenders of the Unborn was arrested for suspensions of Domestic Terrorism last Saturday morning.  A Planned Parenthood worker who walked by John that morning claimed he said something about placing a bomb inside the building.  Not long after this worker walked into the abortion facility several police arrived and arrested John without asking him or any others around him any questions.  Later a K9 unit arrived to sniff the building, however no one was evacuated while this was all going on.

Read More Here

We here at the Coalition For Life had several people on the scene that day who witnessed this conversation and none say that anything was said out of the ordinary, especially not anything about a bomb.  We are continuing to work behind the scenes with John to provide the support and witness statements he will need to win this case.

We support John and would ask that everyone consider visiting Planned Parenthood this Saturday or sometime in the next week to show your support.

Please pray and act as these attacks on our rights and the rights of the unborn continue.

1. Pray these setbacks will be overcome soon
2. Contact Joseph Roddy here or
3. Visit the sidewalk this week

Together we have an opportunity to bring about an End to Abortion in our great State of Missouri.  I believe this is possible and we are watching the last ditch efforts of the abortion industry before they fall.

May God richly bless your day,

Brian Westbrook
Executive Director
Coalition For Life St. Louis

P.S.  Thank you to Sam Lee and Missouri Right to Life for pulling some of this information together.