A Unique Approach to Ending Abortion

Once again, our community will be one of many cities from coast to coast joining together for the 40 Days for Life campaign. 40 Days for Life is an intensive effort designed to raise awareness, save lives, bring healing, and lead our nation to repentance for the sin of abortion through three components:

  • 40 days of prayer and fasting
  • 40 days of peaceful vigil
  • 40 days of community outreach

Learn more about the national 40 Days for Life campaign.

1. Prayer and Fasting

Christ told us that some demons can only be driven out by prayer and fasting. The two go hand in hand. Prayer keeps us rooted in the fact that it is our desire to carry out God’s will. Fasting is a sacrifice that helps us reach beyond our own limitations with God’s help. Fasting is not a Christian diet; it is a form of physical prayer. You can fast from food, TV, alcohol, or anything that will challenge you to stay focused on prayer and loving sacrifice for the unborn.

2. Peaceful Vigil

Our mission is to end abortion peacefully and prayerfully. We must bear witness for those who cannot speak for themselves by creating a public image that is peaceful in order to demonstrate our Christian values and our faithful commitment to help the unborn. The vigil of 40 days is a powerful witness to the dignity of every human life. View our St. Louis Vigil Calendar here and our Fairview Heights Vigil Calendar here

3. Community Outreach

The success of 40 Days for Life depends on the most powerful form of advertising in the world — word of mouth. Tell all of your friends, family members, co-workers, and fellow believers about 40 Days for Life. Encourage them to visit this website where they can learn more and get involved.

To learn more about 40 Days for Life and get prayer requests and breaking news about this effort, sign up today using the “Adopt a Day” tab above.

4. Find Your Role

We encourage you to prayerfully discern how God is calling you to help. Please contact us to explore opportunities in the following areas:

  • Prayer and fasting
  • Peaceful vigil
  • Community outreach

5. Participate in the Peaceful Vigil

You can help make a life-saving impact by joining our vigils at:

Planned Parenthood (St. Louis)
4251 Forest Park Ave                
St Louis, MO 63108

Planned Parenthood (Fairview Heights)
317 Salem Place
Fairview Heights, IL 62208

The vigil is peaceful; participants sign a “Statement of Peace” with a pledge that they will conduct themselves in a Christ-like manner.  All are welcome!


To learn more, sign up for specific vigil hours, or let us know how you feel called to serve God in this effort, please contact the local 40 Days for Life leadership team: